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Northern Taiwan is famous for abundance of amberjacks but only few people know there are lots of giant pelagic fish in southern Taiwan.The best season is from Jun. to Nov. Qixing pro fishing boat welcomes eveyone from other countries to joins us and enjoy the fun of jigging and casting with us.

Qixing Pro Fishing Boat is located in Kaohsiung Harbor

E120° 20' 232" N22° 33' 185"

Standard one day trip:

Departure: 3:00AM (adjustable)

Arrival Harbor: 3:00PM(depends on departure time)

Price: 3000NTD/person

Usually 6~8 anglers form a group.


Long range trip(48hrs):

Departure: 12:00PM (adjustable)

Arrival Harbor:4:00PM(depends on departure time)

Price: 12000~15000NTD/person (depends on trip range)

Usually 4~6 anglers form a group.



Target fish: Wahoo, Yellow fin tuna, mahimahi, black marlin, Bonito


Jigging Tackle:

Main Line:PE2~5

Leader:Nylon 80~140lb

Jig wt.:20~300g

Rod:100~300g Jigging rod length:5"3~6"6

Casting Tackle:

Main Line:PE 3~6

Leader:Nylon 140~200lb

Lure wt.:30~100g

Rod:40~100g casting rod length:7"2~8"8

If you don't have any fishing tackle, you can rent from us, the charge fee is as below:

 Rent price:

OA Light Jigging rod (100~250g): 200NTD/day

Okuma Salina 8000A Jigging reel: 300NTD/day

Jig and hooks will not for renting,

you can buy from local tackle shop or buy from us.


1. Passport is needed

2. Water and Ice are for free

3. Please wear life jacket as fishing

4. We have a clean bathroom for ladies to use

5. If you tend to get seasickness, please ask captain to have seasick pill



For more details please contact:

Ken Tsai

+886 911982854