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Our company『O.A.』is a fishing tackle company. We try to learn from the ocean and design our metal Jig based on fishes’s shapes, angles and lifestyles. 

Lure fishing is a popular activity and also a new kind of sport. It is different from traditional fishing. Lure means tempting fish to get hooked by using different skills of technique to attract fish’s attention. Anglers can experience both exercising and fishing when luring. 

OA Jigs mimic large predator fishes`s food as reference and take it into our designs. In order to make our jig more real, our factory use many kinds of processing method including electroplating, holographic stickers and luminous painting to make our products looks similar to a real wound fish. With the unique design customers can catch their target fish easier and enjoy fun of fishing at the same time.


services: Jigging,鐵板路亞,釣竿,charter,海釣船,帶客釣魚,出海船釣,釣技指導

Merchandise Shipping:Postal Delivery, Express, In Person
Payment:Cash, Wired Transfer, Payment on Delivery, T/T
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