Tamban Jig 小鯡鐵板

Tamban Jig size:15g 25g 38g 60g 85g 120g 160g 260g 350g

Tamban Jig Color: #1 white #2 Blue #3 Pink #4 Orange Gold #5 Green Gold
                           #6 Black #7 Silver Green #8 Pink Lumo #9 Yellow lumo
                           #10 Orange Lumo #11 Chrome with UV paint

Use it when Current is 0~1miles

Sinking speed: Very Slow

Jerking speed: Slow twitch、One Pitch

Tamban Jig design idea is from a South-east estuary bait fish named Tamban. Tamban is most larger predator`s food in Malaysia estuary area. It has thicker back and thinner belly.Weight center is located near its gill line which makes it a slow falling jig. Tamban jig has good side falling action.

This is color #11 Chrome with UV paint